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The Warrior’s Way

Some Korean news I’m thinking about:

  • Kim Jong Il is not so busy with the Euna Lee and Laura Ling controversy that he doesn’t have time to, uh, give notes to the performers of Eugene Onegin.
  • Also, North Korea has a cafepress store. This may be complicated by the recently tightened UN Sanctions.
  • I am spending a lot of time thinking about the Tomb of Dangun.
  • Sngmoo Lee is releasing his film with Jang Dong-Kun and Kate Bosworth, The Warrior’s Way, and while I feel like it borrows too much from The Lone Wolf and Cub, I’m warming up to it. (Via AngryAsianMan)
  • The Long Road Home is a newly published account of a man who began as a lieutenant colonel in the North Korean Army, and then, after accusations of treason, ended up in Camp No. 14, one of North Korea’s most terrifying gulags. Where he survived for 6 years, working 2400 feet underground, before escaping to the United States.

Tomorrow’s Koreanish Stars Today

People Magazine is catching a certain amount of flack this morning for having published an item that misidentifies a photo of Karl Yune as Rain, in the new Speed Racer film. Speed Racer, it’s worth pointing out, has 3 young attractive men of Korean descent on the cast, setting what might be a record for an American film (there’s no statistics on this).

So that this confusion never, ever happens again, here is a guide to these incredible-looking men who are appearing with increasing frequency on our tv and movie screens here in America.

1. Rain

Rain is arguably the most high-profile, internationally.

Think of him as being a Korean Justin Timberlake, maybe, but mixed with a Korean Jake Gyllenhal. You can check out his Donnie-Darko-esque turn in the as yet untranslated I’m A Cyborg. The below still from that was one of last year’s most popular image headers on this blog.

He’s shown an extraordinary range as a performer, able to dance around in angel wings in a Korean rap video, or appear in art-house Korean indie films. He’s most famous to US audiences for his dance battles with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report. He is an incredible dancer. In this clip, note the Dance Dance Revolution sudden-death round.

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